How Much Money Can I Make With AdfLy – Review

When I started with making money online Adfly was popular site for newbies.

You could make 5-10$ easily with some spam methods and with a lot of work every day.

This was 5 years ago, and I tried again and I will write my opinion here.

So before you start with read this article, I hope this article will help you a lot.

What is

Adfly is advertising website that allows you to make a short version of any link from internet and when you post that link somewhere, and visitor click on that shorten link you will get some money from Adfly.

It seems complicated but it’s not, it’s one of the most popular methods for newbies.

Adfly is free to join for everyone, and free to work for everyone, so you can go and register your account there right now.

Explain me this about short links, I don’t get it?

So when you register on you will be able to put any link that you want to short in their Short Box.

Site will generate short link for you, it will look like this: ‘’.

Basically site will give you this link and you just copy that link and put it on your website, send it to your friends, post it on Facebook, post it on some forums.. to get visitors and to make some money.

When someone click on that link they will be redirected to page with sponsored page (ad), and they will have to wait for 5 seconds to skip that page to get to the real website. (this is really annoying sometimes)

  For example of shorten link click on this link.
This is how you make your money, when they skip that ad and when they land on your real page you will get your money.

So it’s not enough just to click on your link, they have to wait for 5 seconds and Skip page to make you some money.

How much Money can I make With

make money with adfly 2016 method

It’s not much, even for newbies this is not a lot of money, you will get on average $0.00040 – $0.05 per click.

Average commission per 1000 clicks is 1-2$, so you need 6000 clicks to make 10$ every day.

If you can get lot of clicks it’s great, that’s 300$ per month and you can start some other projects with that money.

But if you don’t have some large Facebook groups (pages), or lot of friends, it’s really hard to make more than 500 clicks per day.

Some days you will get 50 clicks and some days you will get more because your links will always be alive.

It’s funny that I posted some links on forums, blogs.. 4-5 years ago, and still after 5 years they get few clicks every day.

So I make passive 0.1 – 0.3$ every day from these links.

What I don’t really like about

First thing I don’t like is the fact that you need to spend hours to make few bucks from this site. mail support is 2/10, you will not get your answer at least for 2 weeks, and sometimes they don’t even answer.

Ads or sponsored pages on will sometimes contain some naked scenes, gambling adverts.. so these ads are not really 100% safe for kids.

Sometimes they will give you really bad click prices like 0, 00010$ (it’s not always the case).

Everything else is pretty fine to me, design is great, it’s easy to navigate even for newbies.

Should I Really Start with

I would not recommend you this site if you want to make some huge money online, because in the first few days you will make maybe 0.2$ per day without large groups, big Youtube videos or without lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter.

You can try few other methods from my blog for newbies:

 Porn uploading method
 Make money with Instagram
 Make money with Stock Photos
 Make money with Youtube Product Reviews
 Make money selling logos

Don’t get me wrong, you can make some money with but for me, it’s really hard to spend hours every day just to make 10$ per day, and you are lucky if you even get 5-10$ every day.

If you have some plan, some methods to make some big money with Adfly go for it, try, if you fail try some other methods.

If you want to start with, click here.

You can use Adfly as your side method, while you work on some better paying method, you can use Adfly to cover your costs.

I will repeat this again, you will not be able to make anything more than 1$ per day if you don’t have groups, pages and friends who will click on your links.
How Much Money Can I Make With AdfLy – Review How Much Money Can I Make With AdfLy – Review Reviewed by TT-ADS on 3/24/2018 Rating: 5

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